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OTOFIX Smart Watch Car Key Programming Watches Outdoor Sports Fitness

The OTOFIX Smart Watch combines the functions of a vehicle Smart Key with those of a Smart Watch into one indispensable personal digital device. The Smart Watch performs all the functions of a Smart Key—Lock and Unlock doors and Remotely Start—and all the functions you expect from a Smart Watch, including call and text notifications, exercise apps, and health monitoring.

Key Features: ● Supporting easy programming via OBD ● Coverage of 1300+ models ● Integrating smart key & smart watch functions ● Easy-To-Use iOS, Android APP ● Embedded Chip with Encrypted Key Data ● App-Based Lock-Out Feature (If Watch is Lost or Stolen) ● Easy Key Pairing + Voice control ● DIY pairing with vehicle via app with optional VCI package ● 40 Meters Remote Control Over Vehicle via Voice ● Offline Dealers or Locksmiths Can Provide Technical Support

Car Key Programming


12+ Sports Modes, Including Running, Walking, Stationary Cycling, Hiking & Yoga

Health Features:

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  • 12+ Sports Modes, Including Running, Walking, Stationary Cycling, Hiking & Yoga ● Altitude Barometer & Compass ● Health Monitoring: Heart Rate, Pulse O2, Sleep ● Breath Training & Stand Reminder ● Exercise Manager: Management of 50+ exercises based on professional algorithms including accurate monitoring and analysis of heart rate, duration and calories ● SpO2 Detection: Professional SpO2 detection contributing to better master of health ● 24 Hour Heart Rate Monitoring: Continuous heart rate monitoring tracking your heart rate around the clock ● Scheduled Sleep Monitoring: Sleep monitoring and analysis helping you get a comprehensive view on your sleep ● Convenient Phone Function: Making or answering calls just at your wrist ● Abundant Apps for Comprehensive Functions Weather, music, alarm

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